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WE know what happened last weekend. The most controversial agreement in the twenty first century, or the TPPA was concluded “successfully”.

Finally after five years the government struggled in the negotiations, now we can say,

“Hooray, now the giant multinational companies and the Big Pharma are ready to seize all the businesses in our country.”

“Oh, don’t forget the tobacco company too. I’m sure they are excited to sue whatever that get into their way in getting the money.”

I do believe that economic liberation and trade are important in improving our economy, yet it makes me to question – if the TPPA is proven to be a good thing for us, why there are so many people out there are against this agreement.

It is not just Malaysians become skeptical about the TPPA, it is a global concern! Not to mention, the more radical protests held by the New Zealanders, the Japanese, the Canadians, and the Americans that show how much we, the global community dislike and disapprove this agreement.

Do you ever wonder why Canada and Mexico are involving themselves into the TPPA despite they already have NAFTA with the United States?

And why the U.S. decided not to continue with NAFTA after 20 years of doing that?

The answer is – NAFTA has failed and now it becomes the ultimate proof of the failure of economic deal led by the U.S!

Now the Americans are traumatized with any big trade deal led by their own government after they lost almost 700,000 jobs after NAFTA. They also suffered from the immigration issue after thousands of Mexicans workers immigrated into the country, thus leading to a serious domestic problem in the American society.

Moreover, Mexico as the biggest loser in NAFTA also affected as the U.S failed to keep their promises to transform Mexico into a developed and rich nation.

In other word, NAFTA has failed and the people believe the same thing will happen to the TPPA as well.

It is not only the people that have negative opinions about the TPPA, some of the American politicians also voiced out their concerns on this issue.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, both are candidates from the Democrats (the same Party with Obama) strongly oppose the TPPA. They argue that this agreement will harm the American workers as it is just another platform for the big companies to make money.

Yes, the trade deal will benefit the country (at least in economic theory), but does the profit will get to the people? Or is it just another ‘catalyst’ for the increasing social and economic inequality in the U.S?

Whatever it is, the Americans are not happy with the TPPA, as they have already seen the failed ‘happy-ever-after’ promises made by their government and NAFTA is the best example for this.

Now, Malaysians are facing this gigantic trade agreement and we need to give a final word – whether we want the deal or not. Yet, after we know what the Americans said about this agreement, it makes me to ponder – if the Americans reject TPPA, why should Malaysians accept it?


Hanis Noor
IRIS’s Analyst

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