America retreats from Syria?


So yesterday the news were all busy reporting about Trump’s statement on Syria, as posted in his twitter:


I immediately has this one post I wrote sometime ago in my mind when I heard about the statement. I can’t say that what happened in Mosul was very much similar but certainly the bigger picture should be viewed as written in my   post here about it.

I was just discussing recently with some colleagues about a theory, or rather, an explanation of events derived from the concept of ‘order out of chaos’, or as designated in Freemason’s slogan; ‘ordo ab chao’. Nietzsche was saying something in the same spirit; “I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star”.

Human has the tendency to be distracted by crisis and what is happening ‘now’ and ‘here’. That made human prone to forget that a crisis is actually a disruption to what would otherwise be a normal trajectory of an intended sequence of events leading to a specific objective.

This humanly weakness is always being utilised by those in power to distract and portrait something not as it is, but rather, as a crisis that is in dire need of a solution.

By doing that, they will gain two important benefits:

  1. They have the opportunity to introduce what they want to the mass as a  ‘solution’ when in reality it is just their interest.
  2. They have the opportunity to be seen as a ‘hero of humanity’ and hence their leadership in everything is always sought after.

What is more intoxicating is that this has been designed to proceed in a spiral. Creation of crisis (chaos), inflammation of responses from the mass, which bring about the window of opportunity to introduce the solutions (order). In most time, this spiral moves gradually and would always went unnoticed, except for those that choose to see things in grander perspective, over a longer timeline.

This writing might be some sort of a lament now but my personal experience in explaining things to people had me convinced that I have to repeat telling this narrative in every single event that occurs in real time so that people can see the bigger picture in the end.

What do I want? Simple; the world must stop being manipulated for the interests of some obscure elites.

P/s: Just in case you are wondering what could happen next in Syria (more crises of course), this writing is good enough.

Syed Ahmad Israa’ Syed Ibrahim
CEO of IRIS Institute

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