Israel-Palestine War: The Psychological & Economic Warfare

Western colonizers and imperialists have used various psychological and propaganda tools to justify their conquest and exploitation.

For instance, they came up with a narrative that the native people are stupid, lazy and primitive so it is the white man’s burden to bring proper education and development for the native people. Following their logic, the freedom fighters were called traitors.

Similarly, various psychological and propaganda tools have been used to justify Israeli occupation and war crimes in Palestine as well as ensure that the world remains silent. The freedom fighters are called terrorists and anyone criticizing Israel is called antisemitic.

Now, despite the mainstream media’s effort in manufacturing consent for Palestinian genocide, the world has started to realize that antisemitism propaganda has been used to cover up the heinous reality of Israeli occupation and war crimes in Palestine.

Even before the Taufan Al-Aqsa, academics and prominent figures from all around the world including Jewish intellectuals and religious leaders have signed “The Elephant in the Room” petition calling Israel a regime of apartheid and demanding the upholding of equality and human rights for Palestinians. 

Inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement, the Boycott Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement was founded in 2005 to hold companies and institutions accountable for supporting Israel’s occupation through various economic, academic and cultural boycott campaigns.

Boycotts, sanctions, trade embargoes, suspension of aid as well as prohibition of investment and other capital flows are some of the common means in economic warfare  since the Napoleonic era to weaken the enemy’s economy and thereby reduce its political and military power. 

The effectiveness of the BDS movement has been questioned and examined but even with a dim light of hope to free Palestine through the non-violent pressure led by NGOs, Israel views it as a threat and describes it as antisemitic.

The US has passed the law to prevent boycotts of Israel and the UK is also introducing a similar law despite criticism of violating freedom of expression. They are also imposing sanctions on individuals and entities who support Palestinian freedom fighters in the name of war against terrorism.

Economic and psychological warfare has become an important means of waging and winning war. Despite the steadfast resistance of Palestinians, Palestine’s freedom also depends on the hearts and minds of the people around the world.

Dr Adilah Zafirah Mohd Suberi
Penyelidik IRIS Institute


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