GAZA CONFLICT-Why not describe it as plain murder?

I notice that our media use terms such as “the Gaza conflict”, “Palestinian-Israeli conflict” or “War in Gaza”. There is no war or conflict. There never was.

What is happening now is genocide and murder. Why can’t we describe it as such? Why can’t the media label the carnage in Gaza by using words such as “barbaric Israelis”, “murderous Israelis” or “murder in Gaza”?

There has never been a belligerent or belligerents as in war. There is the aggressor/perpetrator and there is the victim.

If war is a crime, this is more than war. This is massacre. I dread when I hear newscasters utter words like “the Gaza conflict” (konflik Gaza) or “war in Gaza” (perang di Gaza). On our part, it is a “crime” to use the wrong description.

Editors and journalists must be more conscientious of the gravity of such unspeakable acts by being precise on its meaning in the words used. Apart from humanitarian aid, using appropriate words will be our small contribution to the language of world affairs. Just call it murder.

A. Murad Merican
Tanjung Malim, Perak

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